Isn’t this the perfect image to hang in your bar at home? It took another 14 months after this photo was taken for good ol’ Roosevelt to repeal the 18th Amendment with ratification of the the 21st Amendment in December 1933.

This classic New Jersey image is perfectly surrounded by two frames – the inner rusty, hob-nail from Larson Juhl was added to the outer hammered-metal-like frame from Nelsons Moulding. Since it’s such a dark picture, we added TruVue UltraVue glass to prevent glare from disrupting your viewing pleasure as you down another Ballantine Beer.

Ballantine Beer Image - Custom Framing - Rose City Framemakers - Madison NJ
Note: Ever wonder what the connection between  Ballantine Beer and the Frelinghuysen family is? Check out the wikipedia page for Ballantine Beer. It’s a small world, isn’t it?!