This little Captain’s painting came in the shop and it is the perfect example of why varnishing a painting is good.

Look at the image and you’ll see that it has a grey foggy finish to it. The coat on this gentleman and the background are streaked with a whitish film. The edges of the canvas were stuck to the inside of the rabbet of the picture frame which you can see on the painting.

Now look at this image – just removing the old varnish and that haze is gone! The coat is actually a nice burgundy color and the green shirt and hat compliment it beautifully. The colors are enriched just a little bit more with the addition of the new varnish.

It is amazing to me that the painting is still in great shape and that it was the varnish that took all the abuse over the years. If that original varnish was not applied, then the actual painting would have taken all of the abuse.

This painting measured about 8″ wide by 10″ high and cost my client $225. By taking care of this now, she is set for the next 75 year on maintenance for our little Captain.