More than a cleaning and a re-varnish

November 24, 2018 - 1 minute read

Sometimes a painting needs more than a cleaning and a re-varnish. This portrait was rolled up and left in a damp basement. It was not in good shape, but our client could see the beauty in the painting.

The first step was remove the residual dirt from the surface and then manually remove dried paper that had adhered itself to the surface. Next is to clean the back of the canvas so that inter-leafing, conservation grade adhesive and new Belgium linen can be adhered together on a hot vacuum table to the back of the painting.

It is then stretched onto new stretcher bars, keys are added and then keyed out. An isolation coat of a lightweight molecular weight synthetic resin is applied to the voids where the paint has flaked off. A reversible vinyl fill is added to these voids. Using reversible, restoration grade colors, the filled in areas are in-painted to bring the painting back to original state. The last and final thing to do is apply a non-yellowing, UV-inhibiting synthetic resin varnish to the overall painting.