Meet the Artists this November

October 30, 2017 - 3 minutes read

We’re having a Meet the Artists Trunk Show & Sale! Join us Saturdays in November:

Light refreshments will be served. Get a piece of artwork you buy in our shop framed and save 10% on both! Choose the perfect frame for your new artwork from our extensive collection.

We’ll be here all day, but you can meet the Artists from 1:00PM to 3:00PM at Rose City Framemakers. Before you visit the shop, learn more about the artists you’ll be meeting:

  • Rita Joyce is a California artist who has recently moved to Lake Mohawk, is known for her original paintings that capture and reflect shadow and light with a vibrant palette. She works in oils, watercolor, or mixed media and often enhances her artwork with metal leaf, powders, and collage. She utilizes creative visualization to compose prior to painting. Recently, she launched the series “Float I & II” and “Hue”.
  • Dawn Lombard is a glass artist who is fascinated by the combination of creative and scientific complexity of working with glass and metal. She strives to differentiate herself by creating earthly and organic style lamp work beads, stretching the boundaries of enameling and manipulating metal to create stunning wearable art in her Milford, PA studio.
  • Tim Maher has been painting and drawing for over thirty years. His primary medium is oil, but he also enjoys working in watercolor and pastel. His primary interest is in the figure and portraiture, usually in a realistic, contemporary environment. He considers himself a classical painter with an occasional impressionistic leaning. He prefers working from life, especially when it comes to landscapes. He has a current series of prints from Sparta and Lake Mohawk

Artists will be open to commission work, so come with requests!

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