Since we can not be the master of all things, we have found the best people to do the things that we can not. We have a wonderful, knowledgeable person to do painting restorations. Since she is not local, we will act as the middle person and find out what needs to be done and the options available to you. Painting restoration, however, can be a tricky beast. I believe in the work that is done for us and have been extremely please with everything done. There is a small fee of $50 for the evaluation. If you decide to proceed with the recommendations, we will credit that $50 to the job.

We also have a traveling paper and frame conservator and restoration person. The Gilt Complex has been our paper and frame work for years and are wonderful people to work with. Since Jason is located way south in Avalon, New Jersey, he has a traveling route and comes to us. If you drop something off for him to look at, we will call and have our shop added to his schedule and will have an answer in about 10 days. Again, conservation and restoration are tricky beasts. But having dealt with Jason for over 15 years, I am confident that the man knows his stuff. I wouldn’t use him if I didn’t.