Trained in both traditional and digital photography, Amy’s art has appeared in nationally recognized, fine art photography galleries and regional museums across the nation. Dead Ringers depicts what is left of payphones – a rapidly diminishing path to human connection – and the environments in which they exist.

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Portraits of abandoned payphones


“The new millennium’s rapid embrace of cell phones has dramatically diminished the need for working payphones. For many, payphones are linked to collective memories. Think of Clark Kent rushing to the nearest phone booth, emerging as Superman ready to save Lois Lane. During the Eisenhower era, college students crammed themselves into phone booths. Personally, I was raised to be certain to have the correct coins for an emergency phone call.


Those days are over. Yet many payphones remain standing, scattered throughout the landscape—abandoned, beaten, and disfigured. Today, with my iPhone camera, I seek out these phones with the very invention that has rendered them into unwanted relics.


For me, the world has turned into a perpetual scavenger hunt to discover payphones in familiar or new settings. I often find payphones hidden in plain sight. Others, stripped down to a shell of their former selves, reveal a vague suggestion of sculpture in metal and plastic. At times, the phones’ anthropomorphic shapes echo portraits where comic and tragic personalities coexist. Admittedly, when I do find a rare working phone, I’m disappointed.


Payphones represent one path to human connection. Dead Ringers depicts the remains of those machines and the environments in which they exist. Today, cell phones deliver multiple ways to reach out and touch someone, including stand- alone images and videos, texts, social media platforms, even unique ring tones. What persists is the need to communicate, anyplace, for any reason, or for no reason at all.”


More about Amy Becker

Amy is an award-winning, New Jersey-based fine art photographer. Her work has appeared in nationally recognized fine art photography galleries and exhibitions, including Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, SoHo Photo in New York City, Houston Center of Photography, and in Chicago’s Filter Photo Festival. She has also exhibited in regional museums, including the Noyes Museum and Monmouth Museum. At the Hunterdon Art Museum she achieved notable recognition, when she received a Juror’s Prize for best work in show. Her work was also included in the 2009 New Jersey Arts Annual at the Morris Museum sponsored by the New Jersey Council for the Arts. Additionally, her work has been included in exhibitions in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, Oregon, and Vermont.

In regional venues, her work has appeared at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey in Summit, Therese A. Maloney Gallery/College of St. Elizabeth, Ben Shahn Gallery/William Paterson University. Ms. Becker’s photos have also appeared at New York galleries including Ceres Gallery, Salmagundi Club, and Pen and Brush Club.

Ms. Becker is trained in both traditional and digital photography. Her formal background includes coursework at the International Center of Photography, as well as numerous workshops. A graduate of Boston University’s School of Communications, she enjoyed a career as an advertising copywriter before becoming a photographer. In 2014 Ms. Becker joined the Studio Montclair Executive Board as a Communications Coordinator. Prior to that, in 2012 she became a Gallery Director for two Studio Montclair exhibitions annually.

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